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It is recommended:
That all Aerborn™ textile products be washed at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees centigrade. Some horses show an allergic reaction to manmade detergents, therefore Aerborn™ suggests that you use non-biological washing powders, or mild soap intended for delicate fabrics. To prolong the life of your Aerborn™ equipment and for the safety of the horse and rider check all your equipment regularly, examining stitching and fittings. An early repair can prevent more extensive damage. Extend the life of fittings by wiping clean regularly and lubricating occasionally with a drop of oil.

The Cushion Web™ Range:
Cushion Web™ washes well in a machine and can be dried on radiators. However, caution should be taken as the heavy-duty metal fittings can damage the drum of your washing machine. Either hand wash in warm soapy water or cover fittings and buckles. (Tip: old socks and tights tied over the fittings will protect your washing machine.) Wipe all fittings dry after washing. Leave the item to dry naturally or near a radiator.

Stable rugs, coolers, fleece products, quilted saddlecloths and numnahs:
All of these products wash well at 30–40 degrees centigrade. Dry naturally, away from heat.

Waterproof exercise sheets, saddle covers, tailguards & travel boots:
These products can be washed in a machine at 30–40 degrees but care must be taken as spinning can permanently crease the fabrics. However, most modern machines have a slow or half spin option which can be used. All of these items wash easily by hand and dry naturally rapidly. Dry the linings first with the product inside out before airing the outer fabric.

Turn out rugs:
As these rugs are necessarily bulky, most outdoor rugs do not fit comfortably in domestic washing machines. There are many professional rug cleaning services currently available. Ask your local saddler for details. In the interim, the outer fabric of outdoor rugs can be brushed and sponged clean, and linings brushed clean. Metal fittings, buckles and eyelets should be kept clear of mud (using a matchstick), wiped clean and oiled occasionally.

and finally...
The Aerborn™ Guarantee of Quality. As Aerborn™ is very proud of the quality of their fabrics and workmanship, all Aerborn products should reach you in excellent condition. Aerborn™ will exchange any faulty products without hesitation (via your retailer on provision of a receipt.) Aerborn™ reserves the right to refuse to exchange the product if it has been subjected to fair wear and tear or has been damaged as a result of an accident.

Accidents do happen, and equipment wears, so repairs are sometimes necessary. Many local saddlers offer a rug repair service. Please ensure that equipment for repair is clean before you take it in to be mended. Saddlers have the right to refuse to repair dirty items, as legally staff are not allowed to handle soiled equipment. (Health & Safety at Work Act).