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New Aerolite Saddle Pad Small Riser

Aerborn Products | Aerolite Saddle Pads |  New Aerolite Saddle Pad Small Riser

New Aerolite Saddle Pad Small Riser
Aerolite Saddle Pad

New Aerolite Saddle Pad Small Riser

Product Code: AERO9

Price: 64.99

New deign and shape

Designed to disperse areas of pressure most commonly under the saddle so preventing bruising to the horses back it can absorb a large amount of impact pressure. Aerolite can absorb friction caused by saddle movement.

  • The new shape aerolite has been cut away at the front to help relieve pressure on the wither.
  • Straps on the front can be attached to the D rings on the saddle helping to stop the pad slip back.
  • On the spine of the new aerolite is a loop in which the Korrector Plate goes through - this in turn goes up into the gullet of the saddle helping to keep the aerolite in place.
  • Aerolites can be used with out the straps or the Korrector Plate.
  • No pockets

Aerolite can help with temporary situations such as:
  • Horse whose muscle condition is expected to change
  • To balance a saddle that is tipping back or down at the withers
  • For everyday use to enhance the horses comfort
  • When the top line of the horse is poor and not likely to improve
  • To balance a saddle on an older horse with established muscle hollows which may not come back
  • ALL riser pads large and small can be used with or without the pocket shims

Size: Pony
Colour: Black